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lies, damned lies, and fiction

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3 September 1980
I used to hate coming to the end of a story almost more than anything. Then I discovered the internet. And lo, there was much rejoicing. Let's just say that for me, "epic" is an adjectival compliment of the highest order.

Other things you should know about me, in no particular order.

I post irregularly. Sometimes about my life, fannish pursuits, food porn, stuff I'm thinking about, and occasionally, politics. About politics: you will find me, in most cases, on the extreme left. Really, though, as soon as they build me a tower of ivory, I will be up there in a flash, and will leave the rest of the planet to devour itself at its leisure, so you can judge my social consciousness with that in mind. This journal will contain no apology for kink, queerness or smut. I talk about sex sometimes. With men. And women. I do not care about labels. This journal will contain no apology for geekiness, either. I refuse to hide my geek from the world. I curse a lot. It is not because I have a small vocabulary. I love "high" culture and "low" culture in pretty much equal proportions. You can think and say what you like (how generous of me, eh?), but please don't bother to come here and insult my tastes gratuitously. If clever people like it, there must be something there in it to appreciate, no? I love my partner, my family & my friends. I'm sorry if you don't like yours, but I'm not going to pretend I don't just to make you feel better. Sometimes, I believe in magic. I always, however, believe in physics. I find myths (Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Ancient Greek, Celtic etc.) fascinating; I think organized religion should come with a surgeon general's warning label, like cigarettes: contents may prove hazardous to your health. I think truth is less important than a good story.

Friending "policy": If you friend me, it will probably make my day.

I write descensus_hp, a massive, WIP, multimedia, Potterverse epic-of-manners with rm.

I write other stuff too, depending on the current fannish obsession du jour. You can find all my fiction listed over here in this post.

I have a Georgette Heyer Fic Rec List here. Suggestions for additions welcomed, though I can't guarantee I'll like them of course.

I used to teach at the College Which Must Not Be Named, but now have thankfully been set free...so that I can...

...write a Ph.D. thesis, but you probably don't care about that. And then there's the movie script, and the novel(s)...you get the idea...

I love ellipses.
acerbic commentary, acting, aesthetes, age of sail, alternate history, androgyny, anglophilia, aristocrats, art, avalon, baroque, bengali, bestiaries, books, bronte, buffy the vampire slayer, cads, captain jack harkness, cartography, children's literature, christopher marlowe, classic who, collage, comedy of manners, cooking, cross-dressing, current events, dandies, dante, darth vader, david tennant, debate, dirigibles, doctor who, dorothy l. sayers, dr. who, draco malfoy, ellen kushner, enemies in love, english literature, epic, erudition, faerie, faerie queene, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy of manners, fictional characters, firefly, flaws, food, food porn, friday night lights, gentlemen, georgette heyer, harriet vane, harry potter, heroes, imaginary places, india, intelligentsia, jack of all trades, jane austen, jedi, jeff buckley, john donne, john keats, journals, keira knightley, kink, lex luthor, liberal politics, libraries, lightsabers, lord byron, lord of the rings, lord peter wimsey, lucifer, lucius malfoy, magical realism, mannerpunk, medieval, meritocracy, merlin, metafiction, metaphysical poetry, milton, moral ambiguity, museums, mythology, neil gaiman, new orleans, new who, new york city, nine/jack/rose, oscar wilde, pamela dean, paradise lost, perfect imperfection, physicists, piano, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, politics, power exchange, queer as folk, queer theory, reading, regency england, renaissance, revolution, romantic friendship, sandman, sarcasm, satire, science fiction, scoundrels, serenity, set design, sex, shakespeare, singing, slash, slytherin, snape, socialism, spenser, stage lighting, stage management, star wars, steampunk, supernatural, swordspoint, ten, theater, tolkien, torchwood, tori amos, tragic heroes, transmetropolitan, trashy romance novels, tscc, ursula le guin, victoriana, villains, vines&groves of academe, welsh, wit, writing

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